Ella es la envidia de todos nosotros, se trata de Cassandra de Pecol. La primera mujer en viajar a todos los países del mundo, ha ganado dos récord guinness. Visitar todos los países del mundo en tan sólo 18 meses y además ser la primera mujer en hacerlo.

Planea un libro, además realizar un documental y una charla en TED sobre el poder de los viajes. Le preguntaron ¿Cuáles son sus lugares favoritos? y ella nombró 10. Te los mostramos a continuación.

10. Estados Unidos

9. Costa Rica

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#NoFilter needed. #VisitCostaRica . 📍 Río Celeste

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8. Perú

7. Túnez

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📸 @taniaserranoofficial

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6. Omán

5. Pakistán

4. República de Vanuatu

3. Islas Maldivas

2. Bután

1. Mongolia

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I usually don’t post portraits here but it was always my dream to visit an eagle hunter in Mongolia, so here you go 🇲🇳 I would love to introduce you to Bazarbai, young Kazakh eagle hunter living in the west of Mongolia. We found him making hay close to the family’s autumn camp before he invited us to visit his summer camp close to the Chinese border, about 6 hours off-road away. There he lives with his wife and 2 years old son, keeps his animals together and trains eagles to hunt foxes and wolves in the steppes and mountains. – Later this month I’ll share a video @alinakondrat and I shot about him, for now you can still see this and more impressions from Mongolia at the #frameTV Art Digital exhibition at Stilwerk Berlin. – Shot on #galaxyS8plus, sponsored by @samsungmobile_de #DoWhatYouCant.

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